Melissa Mason

For New Hanover County School Board

Parents have been excluded from decisions about their children by the board and the state. I signed the Education Over Indoctrination Pledge because schools need to get out of the business of politics and back to the basics of teaching reading, writing, history, math, and science. Outcomes will improve for students, teachers, and the community when we focus on preparing children to be self-sufficient productive citizens.


Parents' Rights

Parental sovereignty has been slowly eroded by the board and the State. I can and will fight back for the rights of parents.

Child Safety

There’s and increase in bullying and violence in our schools. Solving this is my top priority. Children cannot learn when they live in fear.

Restoring Trust

Schools have hidden policies and curricula that damage children, undermine teachers, and weaken our community. I will restore integrity, honesty, and transparency.


Why Vote for Me

I’m not a politician. I’m a mom, I’m an educator, and I’m a fighter.

I have two special needs boys enrolled in New Hanover County Schools. I want to keep them safe and make sure they get a useful education. I am a mom fighting for moms, and all our kids.

I’m a teacher fighting for teachers. I teach at Cape Fear Community College, where I have been for four years. I have a Masters in Education for the Deaf, and I spent 13 years teaching K-12, focusing on special needs students. I’m distressed that our most vulnerable students are hurt the most by current policies.

I also volunteer as a Sunday school teacher. My faith is the long standing foundation by which all of my decisions are made. My heart is for families and service to the community.

Finally, I am not afraid to stand up to the powers that be, because I am not a politician. I even stood up to the GOP when they asked me to back off calling for Superintendent Dr. Foust to be fired. It’s time for regular people to take charge of our schools and restore sanity.

Our Schools Shape the Future for Our Families and the Community.

Our children are the next generation of leaders in our community. What they learn today impacts our tomorrow; however the current achievement levels in our schools don’t reflect a prepared student body. My background in the education of the deaf brings a unique perspective on how we can best reach all children, as we work together to solve present and future challenges.

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A Message for My Neighbors

Three years ago, my husband and I were involved in a motorcycle accident and I watched this community rally support for my family.

It’s now my turn to rally and fight for the highest standard for our teachers, families, and community members. This generation of students will be our community leaders and service providers in the near future. Will the education that was provided to them be enough to produce independent and contributing citizens? I’ll fight to ensure our kids are prepared for life as an adult.

I ask you to stand with me as I strive for consistent and honest leadership, better academic standards, safer school environments, and more parental involvement.

Melissa Mason

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