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A New Path is Needed for New Hanover Schools and Our Children

We all agree that our children need a solid education. But what does that look like? I believe our schools need to teach our kids to be prepared for life as an adult. This is not happening in New Hanover County; and the path our school district is taking our kids down will provide many of them little-to-no opportunity to climb the socio-economic ladder.

While I understand there is much to be done, the following are my primary positions as I run for New Hanover School Board.

Melissa Mason on the issues

Integrity & Honesty

Many parents in New Hanover County have lost trust in the school system. This stems from a lack of honesty and integrity. Even prior to COVID, parents were pulling their children out of New Hanover public schools; and now, it's in ever-increasing numbers. A lack of...

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Child Safety

Bullying and violence in our schools has increased. Teachers and staff are getting injured in attempts to stop physical altercations between students. Social media trends are threatening violence and our children are losing more academic time to focus on them....

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Parental Rights

As parents, we were blessed with the responsibility of raising our children, and do so in a manner that we see fit. Generally speaking, parents and guardians seek to do what is best for their individual children. It is the right of those parents to make a multitude of...

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Please Donate!

Our children’s education is in peril and this year’s school board race is very competitive. We need help to secure our children’s and our community’s future. Please donate what you can afford to my school board campaign; and once elected, I’ll stop the nonsense that’s happening to our children.

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The New Hanover County Board of Education election is very competitive this year and she’ll need all the resources she can get. Please consider supporting her efforts to bring positive change to our public education system by donating to her campaign.