A New Path is Needed for New Hanover Schools and Our Children

We all agree that our children need a solid education. But what does that look like? I believe our schools need to teach our kids to be prepared for life as an adult. This is not happening in New Hanover County; and the path our school district is taking our kids down will provide many of them little-to-no opportunity to climb the socio-economic ladder.

While I understand there is much to be done, the following are my primary positions as I run for New Hanover School Board.

Melissa Mason on the issues

Integrity & Honesty

Our community has lost trust in New Hanover County Schools. This stems from a lack of honesty and integrity. I plan to hold the school administration accountable for their lack of transparency and continued public deception.

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Child Safety

Violence in New Hanover County schools is worse than ever. The common sense solution is to increase the number of SROs, and not remove them as some in the community advocate.

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Parental Rights

Nationwide, there is an insidious drive from the Democratic Party to strip the rights parents have over their own children. New Hanover County is not immune from this movement. As a matter of fact, New Hanover County Schools is the Left’s test-bed for how it should be done state-wide.

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Please Donate!

Our children’s education is in peril and this year’s school board race is very competitive. We need help to secure our children’s and our community’s future. Please donate what you can afford to my school board campaign; and once elected, I’ll stop the nonsense that’s happening to our children.