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Education Over Indoctrination Wins!

by Melissa Mason

May 20, 2022

Thank you, New Hanover Voters.

Tuesday night, New Hanover voted for Education Over Indoctrination, and rejected the Woke Agenda.

Tuesday night, New Hanover County put common sense on the ballot for November, and I say, “thank God!”

On Tuesday, you said, “We will take our schools back!”

I humbly thank the voters who put me one step closer to this vital public service.

Now the real fight begins. We cannot afford to compromise with any aspect of Wokeness.

It is corrosive, divisive, and especially in schools, it is abusive. We do not compromise with abuse.

It is intolerant and tyrannical. We do not compromise with intolerance or tyranny.

We do not need to compromise.

All Americans – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and especially parents – are united in common sense. We want it back, desperately.

The first thing common sense tells all parents is that nothing is more important than the well-being of our children — especially not the “D” or the “R” next to a politician’s name.

And I’m not a politician. I’m a mom. And I’m sick of our schools not being safe for our kids. I’m sick of not being able to trust our schools. And I’m sick of having my rights as a parent violated. These are not partisan issues.

I invite every parent who believes that children should be safe, their boundaries should be respected, and their education should be practical, to join me on the common ground of common sense.

And together, we will take our schools back.

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