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WATCH: Melissa Mason Speaks with News Outlets on the State of Education

by Melissa Mason

September 28, 2022

Thank You, Patriots!

What an amazing outpouring of American pride we witnessed at President Trump’s “Save America Rally” last Friday at Wilmington International Airport (ILM). It was my honor to share the day with thousands of fellow citizens who are determined to return control of our great republic back to our communities and voters.

I got to meet many of those voters, and I felt privileged to hear from the people who, God willing, will soon be my constituents. I want to say, “thank you,” to everyone who stopped and took the time to talk with me and share their concerns about the issues in our public schools. Though we have big obstacles to overcome, the good news is, hearing from all of you only reaffirmed my belief that the parents of New Hanover County are united in their desire to bring common sense back into education, and to have their voices heard and respected by the School Board.

Friday was also a great opportunity to get my message of Education Over Indoctrination out there, as I had interviews with multiple local and national news outlets, including Star News, The Independent (Raleigh), ABC News, PBS NewsHour, Right Side Broadcasting and Real America’s Voice!

Watch my Real America’s Voice interview with Ed Henry and Karen Turk here:

Interviews below: Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), StarNews, One America News (OAN), and PBS NewsHour. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Right Side Broadcast Network interview
StarNews reporter with Melissa Mason.
One America News interview.
Melissa with PBS NewsHour reporters.

As we move toward the election, I’m asking for your help. Donate if you can. Volunteer for my campaign. Vote Republican on Election Day, November 8 — Oct. 14 is the deadline to register! But the number one thing you can do to help me win in November is TALK to people. It may be uncomfortable, but if we can’t talk about our differences, they cannot be solved in a civil way. And we MUST maintain our civility. My blogs are a great resource if you want to share them with friends; often a simple invitation to read something and react will kick off a fruitful (and sometimes healing) conversation. As long as we can talk to each other, together, we will take our schools back.

God Bless America,

Melissa Mason.

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