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New Hanover County Schools’ Plan to Hide Genders from Parents

by Melissa Mason

April 5, 2022

NHCS Needs to Educate, Not Parent

School Boards Enacts Policy to Violate Parent’s Rights

As shocking as it sounds, our current school board has enacted policies to take away your right to parent your own child.

On October 22, 2020, during a Title IX zoom meeting, the Board of Education approved a policy whereby students can change their gender with the school, without informing their parents, and the school can hide the documentation of the change from parents and guardians. Watch the following video. This discussion begins at the 10:27 mark.

The video (above) shows members of the New Hanover County Schools discussing their new gender support plan. Under this plan, the New Hanover School district reserves the right to withold medical information from parents. This discussion begins at the 10:27 mark.

NHCS’ Gender Support Plan

Under this “Gender Support Plan,” a form is used to assess a parent’s level of acceptance for a student’s gender change. Read the form here. If the support is assessed to be too low, schools can reassign your child’s gender and hide the information from you.

Gender change plan NHCS

(click image above to read document.)

This is classic grooming behavior: “let’s keep this a secret between just you and me. And whatever you do, don’t tell your parents.” To begin with, discussing gender roles and sexual relations with children below the age of puberty is sexual abuse. But this board continues to enact, defend, and when necessary, hide these disgusting, criminal policies.

Everyone responsible for this policy should resign immediately and be criminally investigated.

Let’s not wait for the next step to happen, which we know from other states: in 2018 a law passed in California allows children as young as 12 years old to receive taxpayer-funded transgender treatments and services, without parental consent. Hormone therapy from the school nurse is right around the corner.

And how long before the secret records the school district is keeping on your level of support for your child’s gender change are used as evidence that you are unfit to parent?

We need to stop this madness now. It’s time for schools to get out of the business of medicine and mental health, and return the focus to educating our students. We need to elect a board that will focus on reading, writing, and math, and stop giving schools tasks that they have neither the competence nor the right to perform.

I understand there is a great need for mental health support. But schools should never function as mental health or medical facilities. We have a wealth of resources in the community that parents can access for their children at their own discretion.

When I am on the board, academics will come first. And I will never violate your sacred rights as parents.

Thank you for reading about this difficult but important topic. Please reach out to me with questions, concerns, suggestions, and your own story. I want to hear from you!

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Thank you and God Bless.

Melissa Mason.

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